Three is a magic number.

Three beautiful bags, the first bag is from H&M, the other two are second hand. The elephant is old but elegant.


Metal tins.

All of these tins are really cute and of course great for storage. The last one is a Mauri Kunnas- tin, Mauri Kunnas has written many finnish childrens books.


An evening in the stables.

The beautiful and amazing model in these pictures is our friend Veera. The pictures are taken in her family's stables. The wool sweater is from UFF, secondhandstore, the long darkblue dress, H&M, the scarf, nelly.com, the silver necklace, Monki, the wooden necklace is Veeras mothers and the shoes are her own.


Song of the day.

Cat Stevens - Wild World.

High and low.

The shirt is from UFF, the bra and the pants are from Monki and the bag is second hand.


Marimekko is a finnish brand which makes fabrics, clothes, bags and much more. Marimekko makes timeless creations and really amazing colorful but classic patterns. In the first picture there's a toilet bag with a lovely apple- print. In the last two pictures there are purses of different size, which can be used for all sorts of purposes. Visit their website and fall in love with finnish design.



The bracelet in the first picture is from Monki. The bracelets in the second picture are homemade.

Close enough.

The snakeskin-pattern shirt, H&M, the vest, UFF, the bag, Kierr├Ątyskeskus and the boots are from Vagabond.




The model here is the amazing Veera. The white silky blouse, H&M, the necklace, Monki, the shoes, Kierr├Ątyskeskus and the pants are Veeras own.

Perfect spring shoes.

The shoes are from Vagabond and they are so lovely.