Swedish blog.

Since we are two girls writing this blog I decided to have a personal blog also, it's in swedish but I hope you'll still enjoy it!





Vila i frid.

This is going to be in swedish since it's such an important thing for me.
 Min katt Alfons dog på söndagen, världens finaste katt är nu borta.
Bilderna ovanför är Alfons som kattunge, och den nedanför togs på vintern.
Tack Daniela för att du orkade trösta mig och att du förstod så bra.





Popkalaset is a festival that is held in two cities in Finland every year, Ekenäs and Jakobstad. We were on the festival in Ekenäs and it was totally awesome. The arists are often swedish speaking finns or from Sweden. Here's some pictures of the artists that performed and other stuff.


Song of the day.

Den svenska björnstammen - Ledig.

The relay carnival.

Every year, a few weeks before the summervacation starts, a carnival of relays is held. It´s called Stafettkarnevalen in swedish. The carnival is held in the Olympic stadion in Helsinki. So this is what it looked like.


Summer is here.

Summer is finally here. So why not pick a bouquet of wild flowers? These flowers are in a Aalto- vase from Iittala. Visit their website here.


A sky of Dandelions.

The blue dress is second hand and the gorgeous yellow rubberboots are Hai- boots which is a finnish brand.


One night only.

The pants are from Gina Tricot, the silver shirt from H&M and the ankel boots are from Vagabond.