All of these earrings are from Kierrätyskeskus. The earrings on the two highest pictures are lovely clip-on earrings. The once with the tennis bat are simple and beautiful.


We found this place the other day. It's a recycling center, where they sell so cheap second hand clothes and shoes and furniture, they even give away things for free. But they are kinda nasty.

Here are some of the things we bought, all of those things cost together 1,20€.

More new things from Monki.



Oh, all the Monkis. Aren't they so cute?

These pictures are taken from Monki in Forum. All the clothes there are so beautiful, it's almost like heaven. They had a final sale yesterday, so we took the chance and bought a LOT of clothes and accessories. Pictures of them will come later.

Places to see if you're in Helsinki, part 2.

Café Tin Tin Tango is such a cosy and cute café in Töölö. The whole place is filled with pictures of the cartoon character Tintin and from the speakers tango music is playing. Even more eccentric are the toilets, the womens toilet is totally red and we heard that the mens toilet is totally blue. We really recommend that you go there.
The suéde gloves are from H&M.


Thought of the day.

The spectacular southern night sky spins over the picturesque church of the good shepherd, with thousands of stars spread out over a wide field.
Night Sky Over the Church of the Good Shepherd . . . By Neil Creek.

Go and see some more incredibly beautiful pictures on this website.

Have a big cup of tea part 2.

All of these cups are from, of course Indiska. We love the different prints and the size of them. Can't wait to buy a new one. Aren't they gorgeous?


A teddybear will always be your friend.

All these fluffy and cute teddybears are from Bukowski. They are all adorable.

Have a big cup of tea.

This is a very cute cup, it's filled with beautiful floralprint.


These cups are both pretty big. They are very different but they still kind of match and make a wonderful combination.

All the cups are from Indiska, the lovely and bohemic Indiska. Visit their website and fall in love with all the beautiful things. More cups and Indiska-stuff will come soon.